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A new look for a new chapter

Elizabethtown Public Library

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A glimpse of the illustration work done for the library's brand and awareness campaigns

Identity and Brand Redesign

Elizabethtown Library is celebrating 100 years.

Elizabethtown Public Library creates a welcoming, diverse environment that makes a conscious effort to include everyone. Their vision is to be accessible to the entire community at an individual level. Over the last 100 years, the library has been a staple of their community, developing a reputation of trust, inspiring others, starting conversations, and much more! Looking forward to the next 100 years, it was our job to help create an identity that would catapult their legacy and reputation into the future and ensure that their importance remains at the forefront of their community for generations to come.

Redesigning the logo

We strove to portray the core qualities consistently in the new identity. The end product boasts several key characteristics that emphasize Elizabethtown and its vision: The movement in their typography creates forward movement and a path to the future, while the simplicity puts forward an image of clarity and stability. To top it all off, we introduced a small bookmark to tie it all together.

We also developed an animated video, aimed at bringing to life the value and vitality that the library offers to to its local community and beyond!

Spicing things up with motion

A great logo animation helps audiences understand the meaning of a visual identity, absorb its nuances, and engages them with the brand story in a way that then connects with static logo and fills it with more meaning.

Collateral development for Elizabethtown Public Library

"Kinectiv was a great team to work with for our library's branding project! They listened, provided clear expectations, and quickly understood our needs. Their work is both modern and timeless. Their process helped us better understand our primary audience, and even prompted some better practices that are being integrated into our PR planning for the fall and going forward!" Deborah Drury - Executive Director at Elizabethtown Public Library