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Bringing the Magic of Theatre to Market

Fulton Theatre

Cover Photo:
Artwork for Fulton's 'Sophisticated Ladies'

Artwork Design and Compositing

Reshaping a Community’s Perception of Live Theatre

Working with the Fulton is a collaborative, creative process. In this long-standing partnership, we’ve had the privilege of reimagining their overall look, providing additional assets for their branding, and creating expressive, captivating artwork for their productions each season.

Mainstage Series Artwork

The crown jewel of the Grand Old Lady on Prince Street, the Mainstage Series Artwork excites and entices the community about the season ahead.

Studio Series Artwork

The Studio Series offers a different experience with heavier subject matter for mature audiences. The venue is more intimate, yet larger than life, and we carried that spirit into the artwork as well.

Family Series Artwork

The Family Series Artwork takes a different approach, utilizing illustrated graphics in place of photography. This style conveys the whimsical, fun nature of these shows while speaking to the child in us all.


Designing Mainstage, Studio, and Family Series Artwork

With each design, we strive to create something that speaks to the energy of live theater while staying true to the individual plots and storylines of the Mainstage, Studio, and Family Series shows. After careful research and brainstorming, photoshoots with show actors, and hours of compositing and editing, we arrive at the final artwork that goes into print and digital assets.


Teamwork is at the core of our work with the Fulton Theatre. We approach each show comprehensively, which includes engaging in months of conversation, concepting show artwork, composing dazzling announcement videos, designing larger-than-life billboards and posters, and capturing the essence of every show with film and photography.

A look at the process of bringing shows from concept to finished artwork

Artwork Composite for Jersey Boys

Artwork Composite for The Mystery of Imra Vep

Artwork Composite for Treasure Island

Artwork Composite for Glass Menagerie

When we create artwork for the shows, we're thinking ahead for the countless formats it has to occupy. We don't merely create portrait-oriented visuals—we go the extra mile and create massive spreads that allow the artwork to become truly immersive.

Treasure Island

We also recognize the significance of the titles of these productions, so we ensure that the logos themselves, apart from the full artwork, carry the magic and the message of the show as standalone pieces.


Deriving Dynamic Video Assets from Static Artwork

Video is essential in today’s digital advertising environment. We knew the importance of connecting with Fulton’s audience through these channels of communication, while also creating a greater connection to the artwork used to promote the show inside and outside the theatre. We were thrilled to collaborate on a unique set of assets that bring each artwork scene we create to life, giving the original art greater meaning and allowing viewers to catch a magical glimpse of a story “coming to life.”

Treasure Island Video

Video for Once, The Musical

We’re consistently inspired by the Fulton’s productions’ artistry and storytelling, and it’s an honor to be a part of the magic bringing these shows to life. It’s always fulfilling to enable each show to jump off the stage and into the audience’s hands via show programs and digital platforms.