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Creating a New Identity for Community Revitalization

Mainspring of Ephrata

Cover Photo:
The front cover of Mainspring's finished brand standards guide.

Identity and Brand Redesign

Joining forces to empower growth and community strength.

Mainspring of Ephrata is the merger of three pre-existing, ephrata-based organizations. These staples of the Ephrata community made the decision to join forces to become a more effective force in fostering a vibrant, prosperous, and growing Ephrata. We were given the opportunity to support this exciting new transition/evolution and were tasked with strategically positioning the new entity to make an impact on community members, which included creating a new name, marketing approach, and not least, a fully developed visual identity and brand voice.

A few glimpses at the brand as applied on the brand standards manual

main • spring

/ˈmānˌspriNG/ "Something that plays a principal part in motivating or maintaining a movement, process, or activity."

Past, Present, Future.

To help unify the organization, we renamed them Mainspring to exemplify their commitment to honoring Ephrata’s past, embracing the present, and inspiring the future.

It's in the Details.

Branding projects such as this one pushed us to provide greater intention and meaning behind our work. It's the details woven within this brand that make it meaningful.

Bringing the brand to life.

The four lines play a principal role in defining the @mainspringofephrata cornerstones, mission, heritage, and values. It’s a tribute to their past with an emphasis on the energetic future ahead of them.

Illustration highlights the Ephrata downtown area

Illustration brings to life Ephrata's famous annual fair

Illustration for municipal and government affairs

Illustration for community parks and spaces

Illustration of Ephrata's community

Using the brand on social

A brand is only effective if it can translate to the message and communication outlets of the organization.

We developed a series of social media templates and post graphic examples to help propel our work from merely assets and resources, to tangible tools for communication.

This empowers and initiates the permeation of what starts as a concept, and a set of visual elements, into a communication style, a personality, and ultimately, a living breathing identity.