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Capturing the Connection between Us and Our Pets

That Fish Place - That Pet Place

30 Second TV Commercial Spot

Enticing New Customers to Visit a Favorite Lancaster Spot

A Lancaster County staple, That Fish Place – That Pet Place is more than a pet store—it’s a destination for families to learn at and enjoy. To take their marketing efforts to the next level, we captured the excitement that live animals and animal care bring in a vibrant 30-second commercial.

We drew inspiration from their community standing as a trusted resident resource for 45 years, and our goal was to showcase them as an industry leader by highlighting all of their features including the reptile room and stingray touch tank, which have served Lancaster for quite some time.

Our commercial remained authentic to their current marketing while taking the opportunity to press forward with an even more invigorating, energetic quality that spoke to TFP/TPP’s customers and enticed new customers to plan their own visits. The final evergreen, modern commercial catches your attention and compels you to discover more about the store.